Putting Advanced Video-Based Safety Systems To Work For You

If you are running a modern fleet, it’s the call you dread. One of your most reliable truck drivers was just involved in an accident. If you own a fleet, you know collisions happen, but the question is why, and what can you do about it?

Sure, you may have access to data from an on-board computer, and you may be able to make certain determinations, but without eyes in – or on – the vehicle, when something bad happens, it could wind up in a web of unknown data and unanswerable questions.

Why Safety Management is so Important

As a fleet manager or owner-operator, safety management is likely at the top of your mind. You’re looking for solutions designed to provide insight and utilize data in reducing collisions or other problems.

When an event occurs, so many questions follow. What is the damage? How much will this cost you in repairs and/or downtime? Will this impact your CSA scores (although the CSA program is currently in doubt)? Who was at fault?

Without a proper safety management system in place – perhaps one that includes a video-based element – you may wind up with few answers to your most pressing questions.

It’s About More than Just Video

When it comes to truck driver safety and safe motor carrier operation, fleets are increasingly turning to on-board video-based systems. Still, is video enough? You want to go with a solution that offers more than just a “camera in the cab.”

You want to go with a solution that also provides managed services and specific analytical insights. These systems provide a crucial missing link where tracking truck driver performance is concerned.

A video-based safety system certainly brings clarity to these situations, but you’ll also want to use it to identify a broad spectrum of risks, hazards, training opportunities or even providing recognition for a job well-done.

Integrating your fleet training initiatives with video-based safety ensures you’ll be able to take truck driver performance to the next level. Who is providing an expert review of what is being seen on the video screen? Is your training staff ready to deliver on this promise?

Who’s at Fault?

Did you know that 80 percent of all fatalities involving an accident with a large Class 8 commercial motor vehicle were not the truck driver’s fault? These are terrible situations, but it is vitally important that you are able to determine cause.

This isn’t only about litigation, it’s about protecting your truck drivers. Video-based safety systems exonerate truck drivers who are not at fault in these situations.

With demand for qualified truck drivers higher than it’s ever been before, you can use systems like these to entice experienced truckers to join your fleet. These systems provide a level of accountability and foster a closer relationship between fleet managers and their operators.

Clarity and Integration

As commercial motor vehicles become increasingly more sophisticated over time, outfitting your fleet with devices that provide information regarding critical events becomes key to operating a safe fleet.

Choosing the right video-based safety system provides a level of clarity and data integration from a variety of inputs. This way you can create performance metrics, reports, dashboard information and more.

And since most of these systems can alert fleet managers in real time, critical events can be prioritized. You can spot risky or unsafe driving much faster when you are able to plug into what’s going on the moment it is happening.

The fact is, video-based safety systems can help take your fleet safety initiatives to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? The technology is there and the time is now.