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The Best – And Safest – Cities For Truck Drivers​

We wanted to take a moment to examine the best – and safest – cities for truck drivers. The fact is, sometimes you may get some grief as a truck driver, depending on the city you are in. Perhaps you need to park your rig at home and it’s a problem.
Where you live matters. In some cases, you may live in a city that has the best trucking job opportunities, but they may also be some of the most expensive cities. From Los Angeles to New York, there’s a lot to consider in a city. Let’s take a look at the first – and most important aspect – of most people’s lives and that’s their financial situation.
No Income Tax States
If you ask a truck driver which city they think is the best to live in, you’ll get all kinds of answers. From Oregon to South Carolina, people’s opinions run the gamut. Of course, you know the actual answer: The best state is the one that leads you home.
Still, if you are looking to put your roots down in a new state, you may want to consider one where you won’t have to pay any state income taxes. For a self-employed truck driver, whether you are an owner-operator or small carrier, can benefit hugely from living in a state with no income tax.
Here’s your list:
• South Dakota
• Florida
• Nevada
• Alaska
• Texas
• Wyoming
• Washington
• Tennessee
• New Hampshire
Beyond what city you live in, you also want to take care to decide what address is on that that envelope.
Urban or Rural Address?
Once you have narrowed down the state you want to move to, it’s time to evaluate the cities. Do you want to live in a rural or urban environment?
One of most important considerations is where the best trucking jobs are. Also, how is the transportation and the type of truckloads available.
Take Seattle as an example. Moving there will expose you to things like terrible traffic, seafood deliveries, some crime and a 3,000+ elevation of the Snoqualmie pass.
Conversely, if you choose a rural area in Washington, say Lake Moses, you can count on a laid-back, safe environment where lake tourism is the largest source of truckloads and local income.
Certainly, rural areas will offer a lower level of creature comforts than the city, but certainly there are benefits. If you are a trucker with a family at home, of course good school districts, attractions, and safe neighborhoods are the priority.
The Safest Cities
So, what are the safest cities in the U.S.? One of the main things you want to look for when you move somewhere is how safe it is, not just for you and your family, but for your rig.
Some of the safest cities in the U.S. may surprise you, and include:
• Sunnyvale, California
• Cary, North Carolina
• McAllen, Texas
• Bellevue, Washington
Of course, all cities have neighborhoods, so you’ll want to make sure you investigate the specific area you will be moving to before taking the plunge.
Where Will You Park?
A final consideration should be truck parking. A big issue for truck drivers in dense urban areas is where they can park, both for convenience and for safety.
Make sure your neighborhood doesn’t have a vehicle weight limit or a negative viewpoint on truckers and where they can park. If you can’t park your truck, it will be hard to develop an income driving route plan.
In the end, there are a number of factors that govern what city you live in, with safety being at or near the top of the list. Take careful consideration, and you’ll be sure to find the right place to land in no time at all.